Garden & Urban Farm Services

Installing and maintaining a vibrant, productive, and colorful vegetable garden can be overwhelming. We can help:

  • Determine what & where to plant
  • Test soil nutrition and pH
  • Improve soil health with compost, lime, or sand
  • Prepare in-ground planting rows (by removing vegetation, e.g. your lawn)
  • Install automated drip irrigation
  • Plant seed & transplant sprouts
  • Weed, fertilize, and prune for maximum harvest

We charge $62 per hour for labor & design, and bill all materials at cost. After a free initial visit, you will receive a prompt, accurate, and detailed estimate to confirm your scope of work, after which we will reach out to begin scheduling.

Payment Policy

The cost of materials is due once the formal estimate has been agreed upon and signed. The remainder of payment is due upon completion of work. Harvest accepts cash and card payments via Square.

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